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Yoctopuce Yocto - VOC

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This sensor is for remotely monitoring air quality with your sensor hubs and 

The Yocto - VOC sensor brings outdoor and indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring to, along with a host of possibilities and important use cases. Valarm plus the Yocto-VOC sensor allows you to monitor and alert upon levels of VOCs, a.k.a., Volatile Organic Compounds.

VOCs detectable by the Yocto-VOC include alcohols, aldehydes, aliphatic hydro-carbons, amines, aromatic hydro-carbons (e.g. gasoline vapors), carbon oxides, methane, LPG, ketones, and organic acids. All of these substances are seriously harmful to human health.

Valarm allows you to monitor VOCs in real-time, record data to visualize trends, and trigger alerts at configurable levels.

This sensor is used by the city government of Washington, D.C., for mobile air quality monitoring. Learn more by checking out this blog post on how we placed this VOC sensor on the rooftops of cars and vehicles on the east coast of the US! 

Check out this air quality study done by placing this VOC sensor on a public transit bus roof in California. Also see this air quality study with the Valarm app in the Los Angeles, California, area to see which neighborhoods have healthier air.

Enclosures available here.

Below are videos of the Valarm app measuring VOCs with this sensor around Los Angeles, California:


Need to monitor specific gases like Ozone / O3, Nitrogen Oxides / NOx, Sulfur Dioxide / SO2? Or how about dust and particulate matter like PM1, PM2.5, and PM10?

Since is an open platform you can also use air quality sensors made by any hardware manufacturer like AlphasenseAirBeam, and Dylos.

Have a look at our Air Quality Monitoring overview page to learn how our customers in various industries integrate a variety of sensors for effective remote monitoring of air pollution. 

How does your business use these Industrial IoT applications? Have a look at our IIoT Customer Stories page to see stories from various industries like natural resources, oil&gas, agriculture, governments, chemical cleaning companies, petroleum, water, fluids, and tank monitoring.

How does your company use this Industrial IoT information for mapping, analysis, and alerting on any device with a web browser?

Take a gander at our Web Dashboards to easily monitoring your remote sensors, industrial equipment, air quality, water, fluids, environmental factors, and any other Industrial IoT telemetry solutions you need. 

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you've got any questions.

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