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Yoctopuce Yocto - Relay

Yoctopuce Yocto - Relay

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The Yocto-Relay is compatible with and Valarm sensor connector devices.

Have a look at this tutorial article for more about how to use Valarm with relays, switches, and turning things on and off.

This actuator is used for Valarm deployments like these monitoring sound / noise. Here's an example of how this device was used with an ethernet hub and a 4-20mA compatible outdoor weather-proof microphone in order to monitor noise (dB) at a natural gas compressor station. 

The Yocto-Relay device has 2 USB-driven miniature unipolar relay switches.

Via you can drive each relay input to one of two individual outputs. There are 4 LEDs on the circuit board to show you which output is currently active for each relay.

This relay and connector can stand up to 160V and a 2A current. Note that using a relay to drive inductive loads (e.g., motors or transformers) may lead to quicker aging of the relay.

Cables sold separately.