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Yoctopuce Yocto - PWM - Rx

  • 6900 supports this Yocto PWM - Rx sensor when it's connected to sensor hubs!

The Yocto-PWM-Rx is has 2 channels of PWM input. Each channel can report frequency, duty cycle, and pulse length. It works between 0.05Hz - 250Khz and accepts any -30 to +30V signal as long as it crosses the 0.7V threshold.

Here are some real world applications where this exact sensor adapter is used for monitoring:


Each channel on this PWM sensor adapter features a pulse counter linked to a time counter. This allows you to integrate over time the output of sensors such as flow-meters. The pulse counter works from 0 to 250kHz.

The two PWM inputs are galvanically insulated from the USB bus. This will allow you to connect the Yocto-PWM-Rx to main-powered equipments without the risk of frying your hardware.