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Yoctopuce RS-232 Sensor Adapter

  • 8400

This sensor is compatible with the Valarm Tools Cloud and Valarm compatible connector devices! You can use it to connect a Yocto WiFi or Ethernet sensor hub to a particulate matter air quality sensor like the Dylos DC1100 Pro or DC1700. Then you'll get your large and small particulate matter (PM) sensor readings in real-time at

This RS-232 sensor adapter is a key component of Valarm Industrial IoT applications for remote monitoring / telemetry of:


The sensor is a USB to RS-232 adapter. It does not require a driver and does not install a virtual COM port. It's able to autonomously interpret serial data coming from any RS-232 device.

The device is electrically isolated, which means it can be connected to an appliance powered on a different circuit. The Yocto - RS-232 conforms to TIA/EIA-232-F standard (-5.5V and 5.5V output, and up to -25V... +25V as input). It is therefore compatible with all standard RS-232 interfaces, but it cannot be wired directly to chips using logical CMOS/TTL levels.

The RJ12 to DB9 adapter for bidirectional communication (including CTS/RTS) is included.

The device can also analyze a RS-232 bidirectional communication between two tiers without interference (using two input channels), but the adapter for this usage is not included.

Also see the serial sensor adapter since that be more appropriate for your Valarm sensor and monitoring solution.