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Yoctopuce - Yocto - PT100 Temperature Sensor

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Valarm Tools Cloud is compatible with this PT100 temperature sensor.

To get information from this sensor to Valarm Tools Cloud for mapping, graphing, analytics, downloading, and APIs, just connect this sensor to any sensor hub like:


The Yocto-PT100 is the most precise USB temperature measurement device that the Yoctopuce sensor manufacturers offer. The module uses an external PT100 probe (not included) to make instant temperature measurements, and can also record measures on a built-in flash memory to read them later or through USB. A PT100 probe is used to measure the temperature at any specific place, including in a liquid, with very high stability and high precision (sensitivity up to 0.01°C and precision up to 0.03°C at 0°C when using a PT100 conforming to IEC 60751 DIN 1/10 B standard). It is particularly well suited for applications such as laboratory measurements, etc.

The Yocto-PT100 can be used with PT100 probes using 2, 3 or 4 wires. The type of connection is setup in software. To reach the highest precision, a 4-wire probe should be used. 3-wire probes are reasonably precise and not too much affected by wire lengths, compared to 2-wires probes which are the least precise and very sensitive to wire length.

The Yocto-PT100 features a built-in galvanic isolation between the USB control part and the PT100 measure circuit; it is therefore possible to use non-isolated PT100 probes, which are often more reactive and less expensive.

Given the number of variants of PT100 probes and their price, the Yocto-PT100 does not include any probe. The probe must be purchased separately at a specialized shop.


USB cables and sensor enclosures are sold separately in the Valarm store.


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