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Yoctopuce Maxi I/O Sensor

  • 10800 monitors your sensors connected to your sensor hubs.

Each Maxi I/O module provides you with 8 digital I/O pins. The I/O is electrically insulated from the USB bus. Each of your 8 I/O bits can be configured individually as either a simple input, an open-drain input (internal pull-up), a TTL/CMOS-like output, or an open-drain output (open collector). 

Without an external power source, each I/O pin can receive or produce a digital signal at 3V or 5V levels (low current).

With an external power source, the device can work with voltages up to 28V and deliver up to 250mA per channel, which makes it possible for you to drive small relays.

Note that you can also use the Yocto I/O if you only need 4 or less channels.

You'll connect this sensor, as well as your other sensors from, to sensor hubs that upload your measurements to for mapping, graphing, alerting, and analytics.

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