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Enclosure - YoctoBox snap-together: Meteo & Temperature

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This is an inexpensive alternative to the deluxe enclosure from Yoctopuce. It fits the Yocto-MeteoYocto-Temperature, and the Yocto-3D.

The top is 3D-printed from semi-translucent 'natural' PLA. While it's not completely transparent like the original Yoctopuce part, it's translucent enough to see the activity of the blue 'Yocto-light' (status LED) on the Yoctopuce module. Vents permit ambient air to reach the sensors. The base is also 3D-printed from PLA.

The two parts snap together easily, and can be separated again with assistance of a small prying tool like a small flat-head screwdriver or a knife or even fingernails.

The mounting slots are exactly 75mm apart (center-to-center), making them conveniently compatible with the perforated plastic back panels of BUD brand enclosures. 3/8" long, #6 sheet metal screws are perfect for this application. If you don't want to use screws or bolts, these are also easily mounted using double-stick tape or adhesive-backed Velcro.

There's also a Mounting Bracket version with no cover, for simply screwing modules down to an enclosure panel and retaining ultimate ease of access.

* The Yocto-Meteo sensor and Micro-USB cable which appear in the photos are not included. 

PLA, the plastic from which this part is manufactured, is highly resistant to UV damage and water. However it should not be used in high-temperature installations (e.g. >100C/212F) as it will soften and even melt.

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