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Yocto-Meteo / Micro Weather Sensor Housing / Pagoda / Stevenson Screen

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This complete kit will allow you to mount a Yocto-Meteo or Yocto-Temp inside your primary enclosure, while (safely) exposing the sensor to the ambient conditions, creating a perfect setup for building a micro-weather station or adding these factors to an outdoor ambient air quality monitoring system.

All the necessary hardware is in the kit:

  • Pagoda body
  • Yocto-Meteo Enclosure
  • Stainless steel screws, washers and nylon-locking nuts
  • Rubber o-ring
  • Reusable drilling/cutting template
  • 40mm 5-12V fan (optional)
  • Stainless steel hardware for fan (optional)

The included cutting/drilling template that makes it a snap to drill the mounting holes in your enclosure with perfect positioning.

The "forced airflow" fan is a recommended option and is our standard configuration when building weather or air quality systems for our clients. The included fan will run with as little as 5V and up to 12V. We wouldn't recommend more than 12V, as the fan's life will certainly be shortened. 5V is a nice, low-energy option that still moves plenty of air to ensure a true ambient reading. We'll mount the fan inside the pagoda for you before shipping, a minor hassle that we have a lot of practice with already!

The pagoda is designed to accept the 40mm fan mounted to the front, or a 40mm blower, which can mount flush against the back of the pagoda with three screws (the screw holes are counter-sunk). Blowers are more powerful but much, much louder, and all that velocity is probably not necessary.

The plastic bits are all 3D printed from PLA-Pro. This material is impervious to water and highly resistant to UV. But it is not a "forever" plastic. It is considered bio-degradable in industrial facilities. To make it last even longer in extremely harsh environments, you might consider giving it a light coating (using a spray can) of a UV inhibiting urethane paint or clear coat.

Pictured but not included:

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