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Yocto Box - Wireless Hub

  • 2900

There is a less expensive version of this enclosure available here.

This enclosure box protects your Yocto Hub Wireless. It is made of a base with threaded inserts, two faces, and a lid, all in acrylic glass (PMMA). All parts are held together with metric screws. The YoctoHub-Wireless is held in the enclosure by four threaded spacers. 

Use these USB OTG cables to connect your sensors to your Yoctopuce hubs, e.g., WiFi hub.

The faces are cut to allow the connection of 3 external Yoctopuce sensors using USB micro-B to micro-B cables. On the opposite side, openings are designed to hold the antenna and plug in the micro-B power supply cable. 

This enclosure does not protect against humidity. If you intend to use a YoctoHub-Wireless outside, make sure you protect it properly from humidity.