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Yocto Box - Ethernet Hub

  • 2900

You can use this enclosure to protect your sensor hubs connected to Valarm Tools Cloud.

There is a less expensive version of this enclosure available here.

This enclosure will let you protect your Yocto Hub Ethernet. It is made up of a base, with threaded inserts, two faces, and a lid, all in acrylic glass (PMMA). All parts are held together with metric screws. The YoctoHub-Ethernet is held in the enclosure by four threaded spacers.

Use  these USB OTG cables  to connect your  sensors  to your Yoctopuce hubs, e.g.,  Ethernet hub .

The faces are cut to allow the connection of 3 external Yoctopuce sensors using USB micro-B to micro-B cables. It is also possible to mount a single Yoctopuce within the enclosure itself. This option should not be used for measuring ambient factors unless the sensor part is detached and moved further away since ambient factors would be biased due to the heat inside the enclosure. 

Make sure that the heat generated by the YoctoHub-Ethernet can flow away from the enclosure to avoid overheating. This is particularly important if you use Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to power Yoctopuce sensors that consume a significant amount of energy.

Note that Valarm compatible WiFi sensor hubs, 3G GSM sensor hubs, and Ethernet sensor hubs are available, which may be a better fit for your remote monitoring environment!

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