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Voltage Regulator - Switchable 3 Amp UBEC

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If your Industrial IoT deployments are using solar panels or other power sources that are higher than 5V, you'll need 1 of these voltage regulators for each of your sensor hubs you're connecting to Valarm Tools Cloud.

This switchable (5V/6V) 3 Amp UBEC takes higher voltage power (5.5V to 26V) power from your battery pack or solar panels, and converts it to a consistent, safe voltage for your receiver (e.g. LiPo charge controller).

These are much higher efficiency than the typical (cheaper) potted resistor-packs that do the same job - that means you get more energy out of your solar array or runtime out of your 12V battery, and less is wasted as heat.


These are used by Valarm customers in various industries to monitor things like:


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