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Remote Piezometer Monitoring Systems - Industrial IoT Kit Package for Measuring Sensors with RS-232 Serial and GSM Sensor Hub - Telemetry for Transducers and Vibrating Wire Piezometers

  • 43200 remotely monitors sensors made by just about any hardware manufacturer.
You'll need these kits for each RS-232 compatible sensor you, your teams, and your organization need to monitor.
Your organization will improve business operations while saving time and money after deploying remote monitoring systems.
Take a gander at our Customer Stories page for Industrial IoT applications, case studies, and use cases where these components are deployed in various industries.
Note: This kit has the critical components you'll need for each piezometer monitoring system like those integrating  Geokon vibrating wire piezometers.  This kit includes a year of Valarm Tools Cloud credits. Just send us a message at with your account name and we'll credit your account on
These kits contain the key parts used in these vibrating wire transducer monitoring systems:

Above are a few real world, deployed in the field, remote monitoring systems that use and the Industrial IoT devices included in this package kit. You'll see some of the photos of Lorenzo and Edward in the field getting their boots dirty, a.k.a., putting the Industrial in Industrial IoT. We've been doing this for many years so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you've got any questions. We're quite familiar with the whole chain of how remote monitoring with Industrial IoT really works for customers, from the field, all the way up to the clouds, on devices used by teams for critical decision making by organizations in various industries.

You probably already know that there are many more RS-232 serial standard sensors out there like Dylos air quality sensors. These kits will work for remotely monitoring any RS-232 standard sensors you need to measure.

What do you, your teams, and your organization need to remotely monitor?

Please don't hesitate to contact us at and we'll help you deploy your most effective remote monitoring systems for your environment.

All telemetry data is sent to using a Sensor Hub connector device, which is a 3G GSM sensor hub in this kit. However, you can easily make your own kit using a 2G GPRS, WiFi, Ethernet, or any other sensor hub instead, just add the items you need to your cart on

Here's the list of items you'll receive with this kit, which will let you monitor your remote assets, like vibrating wire piezometers, in real-time with

Note: You'll need to get a wall charger, lead acid or lithium ion battery, or another power source (e.g., solar power) to provide 5V power via Micro USB to your Sensor Hub. A standard Android phone or tablet charger works fine for deploying these Industrial IoT, remote sensor telemetry monitoring solutions.



After you have these Industrial IoT devices, you'll link your devices (video tutorial here) to


Deploy the Valarm unit as is or put it in a weatherproof box / housing / enclosure of your choice. That's it! Easy enough?

Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you've got any questions!



The video above shows you how to integrate your Sensor Hub with Valarm Tools Cloud to map, graph, analyze, download, and forward your sensor data in real-time. See this blog post for more info on connecting your hub to the cloud.

Note that you can buy items separately, like Valarm compatible WiFi sensor hubs, 3G GSM sensor hubs, and Ethernet sensor hubs. Get the equipment that's the best fit for your Industrial IoT deployment scenario!


Want more ideas on how to view and get alerts with your Industrial IoT deployments? Have a look at Valarm's Web Dashboards remotely monitoring Industrial Internet of Things sensors.

And take a gander at our Customer Stories to see how organizations, companies, and businesses use these remote monitoring systems in various industries.



Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you've got any questions.


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