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Micro USB to Full Size USB Cable

  • 200

Standard Micro USB male to Full Size USB male cable.

Use this cable to connect your Industrial IoT Sensor Hubs to a power source and your computer for initial, 1-time configuration.

Get 1 of these cables for each of your sensor hubs that you'll be deploying for remote monitoring:

You'll also need these Micro to Micro USB cables for each sensor you're connecting to your sensors hubs.

After you've got your cables and other hardware you're ready for real-time sensor telemetry!

Connect your sensor hubs to Valarm Tools Cloud -

Who uses this? Have a look here at our Industrial IoT customers in various industries around the world.

You can use Valarm's real-time Industrial IoT dashboards to remotely monitor your assets, map, graph, and receive alerts, with any device, like your phone.

Please don't hesitate to contact us here if you have any questions!

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