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Industrial IoT Monitoring Applications - Pressure Sensor Yocto - Pressure by Yoctopuce

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This is a small and very simple USB sensor that lets you to measure the pressure of a gas or liquid, up to 10 bars.

Do you need to monitor a pressurized circuit? The Yocto-Pressure might be the solution. This device can measure gas or liquid pressure up to 10 bars through USB.

The Yocto-Pressure can also measure the temperature of a gas or liquid that it is contacting. This Industrial IoT sensor features an SMC one-touch fitting that allows the sensor to easily connect to any 4mm tube.

This sensor's circuit has been designed so that the sensor itself can be moved away from the USB connector by a few meters. Simply split the board into two parts and solder a 4-wire cable on the designated pads.

This Industrial IoT sensor device can be connected directly to by connecting sensors to an Ethernet network using a ethernet sensor hubs, to WiFi networks using a wifi sensor hubs, and you can also connect these sensors to mobile GSM cell phone networks thanks to GSM sensor hubs.


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