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Industrial IoT Package Kit for Remotely Monitoring Switches, Machinery, Dials, Assets

Industrial IoT Package Kit for Remotely Monitoring Switches, Machinery, Dials, Assets

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  • How long has your asset (e.g., generator) been running?
  • Since when was the freezer temperature above 0C/32F?
  • Has your asset been operating for a critical number of hours over the last month?
  • Time to run the recommended maintenance routine?
  • How much time passed while that switch was flipped on?

These are some critical remote monitoring and Industrial IoT questions. You can easily answer these with the hardware in this kit and the Time at Threshold Totalizer software feature of  Tools.Valarm.netThese kits include a year of Valarm Tools Cloud credits. Just send us a message at with your account name and we'll credit your account on

This Industrial IoT kit has just what you need for telemetry to remotely monitor machinery, switches, knobs, potentiometers, electrical resistance, dials, and other assets in real-time with Valarm Tools Cloud:

Note: You'll need to get a wall charger or another power source (e.g., solar power) to provide 5V power via Micro USB to your Yocto Hub. A standard Android phone or tablet charger works well for this!


After you have this gear you'll link your device (video tutorial here) to the Valarm Tools Cloud.


Deploy the Valarm unit as is or put it in a box/housing of your choice. That's it! Easy enough? Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


The video above shows you how to integrate your Yocto WiFi hub with to map, graph, analyze, download, and forward your sensor data in real-time. See this blog post for more info on connecting your hub to the cloud.

Want more ideas on how to view and get alerts with your Industrial IoT deployments? Have a look at our Web Dashboards with your custom system solutions for remote monitoring, sensor telemetry, and Industrial Internet of Things / IoT.

You can monitor sensor hardware made by any manufacturer. Have a look at our Customer Stories from various industries with real world Industrial IoT applications and use cases / examples.

Note that 3G GSM sensor hubs, GPRS sensor hubs, and Ethernet sensor hubs are also available, which may be a better fit for your scenario!

Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you've got any questions.

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