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IoT Kit for Monitoring 4-20mA Sensors like Water Levels, Air Quality, Water Quality + Flood Warning Systems (GSM Version)

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  • Water Levels - Does your organization need to monitor flood warning systems?
  • Chemical Distribution - What are your levels of fluids and liquids in your tanks right now?
  • What is the water quality for your Smart Cities and government agencies?
  • Are you monitoring any 4-20 mA sensors like air or water quality sensors?
  • How much water is in your water wells and other water bodies?
  • Water Wells - Is your aquifer healthy according to your water well levels?

These are critical remote monitoring and Industrial IoT challenges that are solved by this Valarm Industrial IoT package.

With this IoT sensor kit, you'll easily and rapidly deploy measurement systems to monitor in real-time on

This kit includes a year of Valarm Tools Cloud credits. Just send us a message at with your account name and we'll credit your account on

This Industrial IoT kit has just what you need to get started with telemetry to remotely monitor any 4-20mA standard sensors, like those that monitor tank levels, fluid or water levels, wind speed, wind directions, flood monitoring systems, air quality, water quality, and thousands of other standard 4-20 mA sensors out there in the world!

All sensor measurements are sent to using a Sensor Hub connector device, which is a 3G GSM sensor hub in this kit. However, you can easily make your own kit using WiFi, Ethernet, or other sensor hubs as well.

Here's the list of items you get with this kit that will give you real-time monitoring of 4-20 mA sensors, e.g.IoT water level sensors, with Valarm Tools Cloud:

Note: You'll need additional components, based on your specific deployment scenario, like you see in the photos of Valarm flood warning systems deployed by our customers.

For example, you'll need power for your monitoring systems, like lead acid or lithium ion batteries, or another power source (e.g., solar panel power) to provide 5V power via Micro USB to your Sensor Hub. A standard Micro USB Android phone or tablet charger also works fine for these Industrial IoT, remote sensor telemetry monitoring solutions.


After you have this gear you'll link your device (video tutorial here) to




The video above shows you how to integrate your Sensor Hub with Valarm Tools Cloud to map, graph, analyze, download, and forward your sensor data in real-time. See this blog post for more info on connecting your hub to the cloud.

Note that you can buy items separately, like Valarm compatible WiFi sensor hubs, 3G GSM sensor hubs, and Ethernet sensor hubs. Get the equipment that's the best fit for your Industrial IoT deployment scenario!

Take a gander at this write-up for more on how 4-20mA sensors are used in various industries for remotely monitoring Industrial IoT sensors.

Want more ideas on how to view and get alerts with your Industrial IoT deployments? Have a look at Valarm's Web Dashboards remotely monitoring Industrial Internet of Things sensors.

And take a gander at our Customer Stories to see how organizations, companies, and businesses use these remote monitoring systems in various industries, like water quality, natural resources, government agencies, and flood warning systems.

In our experiences, our customers like to use to monitor 4-20 mA water level sensors made by Flowline, In-Situ, and Senix.



Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you've got any questions!

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