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GSM 3G Sensor Hub for Industrial IoT - Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific

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This sensor hub is a Valarm compatible connector device that sends your Industrial IoT sensor data to the Valarm Tools Cloud in real-time.

This GSM 3G Sensor Hub made by Yoctopuce is a 3G / GSM enabled connector device for Valarm Tools Cloud

This sensor hub connects to any 3G GSM cellular network in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. The sensor hub hosts up to three Yoctopuce sensors (sensors available here) to do Industrial IoT applications, real-time telemetry, and remote monitoring.

Each sensor connects to a sensor hub with a Micro B to Micro B USB cableYou can add as many additional sensors as you like with Sensor Hub Shields. It can be powered either by a USB Micro-B cable and a regular phone charger, or a 5V battery pack.

The radio module supports the two GSM frequency bands 900 MHz and 1800 MHz used in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. For a detailed list of frequency bands supported in each country, please refer to the Wikipedia page on GSM frequency bands.

Note: These other GSM sensor hubs are also available for your business's Industrial IoT needs:


The enclosure for this GSM sensor hub is available here.


This video above shows you how to integrate your Yocto GSM hub with the Valarm Tools Cloud to map, graph, analyze, download, and forward your sensor data in real-time. See this blog post for more info on connecting this hub to the cloud.

Use these USB OTG cables to connect your sensors to your sensor hub.

The enclosure box for the Yocto GPRS / GSM sensor Hub is available here.

This GSM sensor hub is quite useful for mobile Industrial IoT applications when combined with a GPS / GNSS sensor, like vehicles for industrial chemical cleaning companies, or tracking trucks or trailers with additional sensor factors. Learn more in this blog post about antennas for combining GSM sensor hubs with GPS locations for mobile Industrial IoT applications.

Have a look at this write-up for an example of moving Industrial IoT applications. You can use this sensor hub with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for real-time monitoring of tires pressures and temperatures of your fleet vehicles.

The Yocto GSM / GPRS Sensor Hub Connector Device features a built-in clock timer, that makes it possible to put the device into low-power deep sleep and wake-up automatically at predefined time. This makes it possible to reduce power consumption to 15uA while sleeping, which is crucial for applications running on battery or solar panels. The GPRS GSM Sensor Hub only needs a few seconds of wake-up time to upload sensor data to the Valarm Tools Cloud server.

Three Yoctopuce sensors can be connected directly, one of which can be fixed directly on the sensor hub and connected using a Board2Board-127 connector. The sensor hub can power Yoctopuce sensors with up to 2A. 

Want to connect more sensors? You can connect as many additional sensors as you like using 1 or more YoctoHub-Shield extensions!

Warning: although the 3 downstream ports hosting Yoctopuce devices use USB micro-B connectors, the sensor hub uses a specific protocol simpler than USB to talk to the devices. Therefore it is not possible to use or even to power a regular (non-Yoctopuce) device using the sensor hub. Also, it is not possible to use a regular USB hub on the downstream ports.

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