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Clairair PrimePell Mounting Bracket / Wiring Harness

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This is a ready-to-mount bracket and harness for the Clairair Ltd "PrimePell" gas sensor.

The PrimePell is a very easy-to-use, pre-calibrated, highly sensitive, reliable, long-lasting (immune to poisoning), infrared-based sensor for hydrocarbon gases like methane. Unfortunately the PrimePell is designed to be mounted on a PCB, typically alongside supporting electronics. Soldering directly to the pins on the sensor will destroy it. Since no generic/convenient mounting PCB exists that we could find, we made this harness kit.

The PrimePell supports voltage output (linear scale) and serial (TTL) digital output, or a "pellistor" mode (selected when ordering and pre-configured at the factory). This bracket/harness allows you to utilize either of the analog versions, the digital I/O, or both (even simultaneously).

Dual ground leads have been included so one can go to your powersupply and one to serve as reference to your A/D sensor (for example the Yoctopuce Yocto-Millivolt-RX). Alternatively/simultaneously the sensor can be operated in an interactive digital mode utilizing the Yoctopuce Yocto-Serial module.

Wire harness map (wires are ~15cm long, 20-22AWG):

  • Red: DC power in (3.3VDC recommended)
  • Black (2): ground
  • Blue: analog signal out
  • Yellow: serial RX (connect to TX of TTL-serial circuit)
  • Green: serial TX (connect to RX of TTL-serial circuit)

Also included in the kit:

  • 4x stainless steel sheetmetal screws (#4 3/8")
  • butyl rubber o-ring to seal the surface of the sensor against your enclosure
  • drilling template makes it easy to perfectly drill your enclosure
  • small optional exterior "pagoda" with drilling template and hardware

Power supply option

We can add a pre-calibrated 3.3VDC switching voltage regulator that will accept up to 30VDC input and bring it down to the recommended 3.3V for the PrimePell. The regulator will include a Molex female connector on the 3.3V side, and a matching Molex male connector will be added to the PrimePell wiring harness - allowing convenient connect/disconnect of the sensor from the regulator. The regulator is glued into a bracket that features screw slots spaced for easy mounting to a Bud Industries perforated plastic back panel.

NOT included:

Important Notes:

ATTENTION! The sensor pins only fit the harness properly in ONE orientation. Be VERY sure that the pins of the sensor are perfectly aligned with the holes and embedded connectors in the bracket, before very carefully and slowly pressing the sensor into place, maintaining alignment as you proceed. Valarm is not liable if you damage your sensor due to mishandling or rushing this step! The sensor fits VERY tightly into a brand new bracket. Removal is difficult and should only be performed if absolutely necessary, using only your hands - any gripping tools are likely to damage the sensor and/or the bracket.

Recommended drill bits:

1/8": 4 screw holes, and pilot hole for center/main sensor

3/8": main sensor hole


You can see this item in action on our Customer Stories page and in monitoring systems measuring noise, weather, and methane in the USA.

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