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Custom 5-Volt DC (5VDC) Micro-USB Power Regulator

Custom 5-Volt DC (5VDC) Micro-USB Power Regulator

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If your Industrial IoT deployments are using solar panels, 12V vehicle accessory power, or other power sources that are higher than 5V (up to 30V), you'll need 1 of these voltage regulators for each of your sensor hubs you're connecting to Valarm Tools Cloud. The voltage regulator provides positive/negative tinned leads for input, with about 12" of wire, and a short Micro-USB cable as output to power the Yoctohub. A tiny LED lets you know the unit is receiving power. This regulator is a high-efficiency switching type, in order to waste the least power from your source. Maximum output is about 5A (25 watts), which is more than enough juice to power any Yoctohub (WiFi, Ethernet or Cellular), at least one Yocto-Shield, and several connected sensors. A tough plastic base allows you to attach the regulator to your system via double-stick tape, velcro or screws (spaced for convenient compatibility with BUD pre-perforated plastic back panels).

These are used by Valarm customers in various industries to monitor things like:

These units are pre-adjusted to 5V before shipping, but if you want some other voltage, or perhaps tinned leads on both input and output instead of a micro-USB cable, please let us know. We can also customize these for multiple outputs, or other configurations.

See our customer stories page for more stories on how this item is used for real world Industrial IoT sensor monitoring.

Also have a look at our web dashboards for Industrial IoT applications, real-time remote monitoring, and sensor telemetry.

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