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About Valarm Industrial Internet of Things / IoT Applications for Remotely Monitoring Anything, like Air Quality, Equipment, Assets, & Water


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What are the key essentials of Valarm in just a few words and pictures? Take a gander at:


Valarm is Industrial IoT. We provide rapid, effective deployment of geo-enabled, real-time, mobile and stationary sensor networks

As an open platform Valarm connects virtually any sensor (existing in the field or brand new out of the box) to Valarm Tools Cloud and displays your real-time, geo-located data in your dashboard and GIS. 

We specialize in providing ready-to-go packages for the petroleum and oil & gas industries. With Valarm you and your teams can easily monitor your assets (water, air quality / pollution and fluids) for any number of factors (rate of flow, volume, quality).

With our simple APIs, Valarm's Industrial IoT solutions easily integrate with powerful real-time event processing, business intelligence, and analytics systems, like the Esri ArcGIS platform, including GeoEvent Extension, Operations Dashboard, and ArcGIS Online.

Valarm is all about making awesome software that’s powerful, affordable, friendly, and solves real-world problems.

Have a look at to learn more about us and see our about Valarm LLC page.

Our customer stories page has Industrial IoT applications, use cases, and case studies from a variety of industries like natural resources, agriculture, and governments.

Also see Valarm's Web Dashboards for Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, Sensors & Industrial IoT. With web-based dashboards you can quickly see all of your Industrial IoT information in real-time on a web browser with any device like a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer!


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