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Yocto Hub - Ethernet for Industrial IoT

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This sensor hub is a Valarm compatible connector device that sends your remote Industrial IoT sensor data to the Valarm Tools Cloud in real-time.

The YoctoHub-Ethernet is a Fast-Ethernet sensor hub module that can host up to three Yoctopuce sensors (sensors available here) to do Industrial IoT applications, real-time telemetry, and remote monitoring.

Each sensor connects to a sensor hub with a Micro B to Micro B USB cableYou can add as many additional sensors as you like with Sensor Hub Shields. It can be powered either by a USB Micro-B cable and a regular phone charger, or a 5V battery pack.

How can you use this? Here's some blog posts on real world applications where this exact sensor hub unit is used in the field for monitoring:


Want a more mobile sensor hub? Use a GPRS / 2G / GSM sensor hub or a GSM 3G sensor hub with a GPS sensor for your business's moving Industrial IoT applications like vehicles and other mobile assets!


This video above shows you how to integrate your Yocto Ethernet hub with the  Valarm Tools Cloud  to map, graph, analyze, download, and forward your sensor data in real-time See this blog post for more info on connecting this hub to the cloud.

Use  these USB OTG cables  to connect your  sensors  to your Ethernet hub.

Three Yoctopuce modules can be connected directly, one of which can be fixed directly on the YoctoHub-Ethernet and connected using a Board2Board-127 connector. In the future, it will be possible to connect additional devices using one or more YoctoHub-Shield extensions. The YoctoHub-Ethernet can power Yoctopuce sensors with up to 2A. 

Warning: although the 3 downstream ports hosting Yoctopuce devices use USB micro-B connectors, the YoctoHub-Ethernet uses a specific protocol simpler than USB to talk to the devices. Therefore it is not possible to use or even to power a regular (non-Yoctopuce) device using the YoctoHub-Ethernet. Also, it is not possible to use a regular USB hub on the downstream ports.

You can get the enclosure for this Yocto Ethernet Hub here.