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Yoctopuce Yocto - Watt

  • 11900

This sensor is for monitoring Watts / Wattage / Power Usage with

Connect this Watt sensor module to a sensor hub (GSM cell network, WiFi, or ethernet) to remotely monitor your Industrial IoT assets and power consumption on


This sensor device is a digital watt-meter allowing you to monitor the power consumption of an electrical device. Its works with both AC and DC currents. With AC current, the device computes the real power consumption, not just the product of RMS voltage and current, so it can be used to monitor inductive loads. The Yocto-Watt can compute the power consumption during a given lapse of time, with an accuracy of 1mWh, 1%.

The sensor device is isolated: the sensing part is electrically disconnected from the USB part. This means that you can measure any voltage difference between -250V and 250V, without the risk of frying your hardware.

Click here to get the box enclosure for the Watt sensor.

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