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Yoctopuce Temperature Industrial IoT Sensor

  • 3900

These Temperature sensors are for remotely monitoring temperatures with Valarm Tools Cloud.

To measure ambient temperatures and get your information from your sensors on, connect these sensors to any of your Valarm sensor hubs:

The sensor's circuit board has been designed so that the sensor part can be moved away from the USB connector and host electronics: simply split the board into two parts and solder a 4-wire cable on the designated pads. We've separated the two parts by as much as 15ft via cat5 (ethernet) cable (using only 4 of the 8 conductors in cat5). Yoctopuce has more information on their site (see specs link below).

The enclosure for this sensor is available here.

There's also a Mounting Bracket for screwing this module down to an enclosure panel inside a weatherproof box. 

Have a look at the Yocto-thermocouple and Yocto-meteo sensors for more temperature, humidity and remote environmental monitoring.


Note: You can use Valarm Tools Cloud Email Alerts and SMS / Text Message alerts for remote temperature monitoring / alerting. 


* Enclosures and cables sold separately.

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