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Yoctopuce Yocto - Meteo V2

  • 7800 monitors this micro-climate weather station sensor along with any additional Industrial IoT sensors you need to measure.

You'll monitor your meteo sensors on Valarm Tools Cloud by connecting your sensors to sensor hubs.

Your sensor hubs use any internet connectivity, like WiFi, ethernet, or mobile GSM cell networks (e.g., AT&T, Ting, or T-Mobile in the states), to upload your sensor measurements from these meteo sensors, to / Valarm Tools Cloud.

When these meteo sensors are connected to sensor hubs you'll be able to monitor the following in real-time on Valarm Tools:

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure

This IoT device, the Meteo sensor version 2.0, replaces the original Yocto-Meteo version 1.0. It's is an upgraded improvement on the SHT25 sensor used in the first version.

The Yocto-Meteo-V2 is 100% backward-compatible with the Yocto-Meteo V1. Meteo Version 2 simply provides significantly more accurate measurements. Also note that the sensors on the Yocto-Meteo-V2 are water-resistant. There's no need for an SF2 filter cap. 

The circuit board has been designed so that the sensor part can be moved away from the USB connector and host electronics: simply split the board into two parts and solder a 4-wire cable on the designated pads.

We've separated the two parts by as much as 15 feet via cat5 (ethernet) cable (using only 4 of the 8 conductors in cat5). 

Your enclosures for these meteo sensors are available here.

You can learn more about how to our customers deploy these sensors in the field on our Industrial IoT Customer Success Stories Page.




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