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Yoctopuce GPS / GNSS Sensor

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You need to geo-enable your 3G GSM, GPRS 2GWiFi or ethernet sensor hub?

With these GPS sensors and your sensor hubs you'll be able to see your sensor data on maps in real-time with Valarm Tools Cloud -

We've designed a custom-made housing enclosure available for these GPS / GNSS sensors! This case will dress up your GPS sensors all safe and secure. Then you're ready for your telemetry deployments in the field and remotely monitoring the location of your industrial assets!

Need more accurate time stamps for your Industrial IoT (IIoT) remote monitoring applications? You can use this GPS sensor module to get more accurately timestamped sensor data on See this write-up to learn how GPS / GNSS provides you more accurate timestamps.

Here are a few write-ups and stories about using this sensor for tracking high tech transportation, like monitoring fleets of vehicles with vacuums or other industrial equipment, and GPS-tagged mobile sensor telemetry for any of your organization's assets:


The Yocto-GPS device is a 32 channel receiver for GNSS signals from GPS and GLONASS satellites. Using these signals this device determines the position (latitude & longitude coordinates) of the receiver, its speed, and the current time.

The device can provide its positioning data at 10Hz, with a resolution of 10-6 degrees, approximately 10cm. The absolute precision expected with clear satellite view is about 1.5m.

This device uses an external active antenna, using a U.FL (IPEX) connector. A small patch antenna (25x25mm, without enclosure) with a 10cm cable is included with the device.

You can also use any other active GPS antenna, for instance a larger antenna in a waterproof enclosure with a long cable.

Housings / enclosures / cases for these GPS / GNSS sensors are available here!