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Yocto - MaxiThermistor

  • 11500

Valarm Tools Cloud supports this Yocto Maxi Thermistor sensor.

To get information from this sensor to Valarm Tools Cloud for mapping, graphing, analytics, downloading, and APIs, just connect this sensor to any sensor hub like:


The Yocto-MaxiThermistor is an USB interface for NTC and PTC thermistor. It can measure up to six temperature points. Each of the six channels can be configured independently thanks to tables or reference temperatures and β coefficients. The Yocto-MaxiThermistor is an insulated device: there is an electric insulation between the sensor part and the USB part.

The Yocto-MaxiThermistor is shipped with six tiny NTC thermistors connected to a 10 centimeter wire. You can extend them with any regular electric wire.

The six channeled terminal block allows the use of 30-18 AWG wire.

The Yocto-MaxiThermistor can also be used as a multichannel ohm-meter.

This device can be connected directly to Valarm Tools Cloud using any one of our connector devices.