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Yoctopuce Yocto - Light V3 Industrial IoT Sensor for Remotely Monitoring with

  • 4700 remotely monitors all of your remote Industrial IoT sensors, like this light sensor.

You'll get information from this sensor on for mapping, graphing, analytics, downloading, and APIs, just connect this sensor to any sensor hub like:


The response to light on this sensor is closer to human eye than the Yocto-Light-V2.

Combine these light sensors on your sensor hubs with any other sensors like Carbon Dioxide / CO2, humidity, and temperature sensors for easy + cost-effective greenhouse hydroponics gardening! Click here to get the full ready-to-go hydroponics greenhouse monitoring kit.

This light sensor measures up to 100,000 lux. The circuit board has been designed so that the sensor part can be moved away from the USB connector and host electronics: simply split the board into two parts and solder a 4-wire cable on the designated pads. We've separated the two parts by as much as 15ft via cat5 (ethernet) cable (using only 4 of the 8 conductors in cat5).

This sensor fits in the short, thin sensor enclosure.

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