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Enclosure - YoctoBox snap-together for Ethernet Sensor Hub

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This is an inexpensive alternative to the deluxe enclosure from Yoctopuce. It fits the Yocto Ethernet Hub.

The two parts snap together easily and can easily be separated again by hand. Unlike the Yoctopuce-original part, this version is slightly lower-profile, and has tabs on the sides for mounting to a surface of your choice by using either screws or zip ties / cable ties.

The ethernet hub screws down with 4 Sheet Metal Screws size #4 x 1/2". The 4 sheet metal screws are included with this product and easily screw in with a standard Phillips head screwdriver.

The enclosure is 3D-printed from PLA. While it's not completely transparent, it's translucent enough to see the activity of the Yocto lights and status LEDs on the Yoctopuce Ethernet sensor hub module.

There are also screw mounts on the sides of the case to mount your sensor hub hardware to a surface of your choice.


* The Yoctopuce Ethernet sensor hub which appears in some of the photos is not included. 

PLA, the plastic from which this part is manufactured, is highly resistant to UV damage and water. However it should not be used in high-temperature locations (e.g. > 100C / 212F) as it will soften and even melt.

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