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Yocto Hub - Ethernet for Industrial IoT + one year of Valarm Tools subscription

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These sensor hubs uploads your sensor information to in real-time, as often as you need. Included with these sensor hubs is a year of Valarm Tools Cloud credits. Just tell us your account name and we'll credit your account on

** These are 1 of our hottest sellers since they're the key brain-like component you need for remotely monitoring Industrial IoT sensors with

You'll plug your ethernet sensor hubs into ethernet network cables to send your Industrial IoT sensor data to

The sensor hub hosts up to three Yoctopuce sensors to do remote monitoring of assets, equipment, environmental measurements, and anything else, like:

Each sensor connects to a sensor hub with a Micro B to Micro B USB cable.

You can add as many additional sensors as you like with Sensor Hub Shields.

Your sensor hubs can be powered any 5V power source. For example, you can use

  • USB Micro cable and a regular plain ol' charger
  • A battery pack
  • Any other 5V power supply, like one coming from a solar charge controller and solar panels

Note: You can also provide power to these ethernet sensor hub with Power over Ethernet (PoE). 

Does your organization need more mobile sensor hubs for some remote monitoring needs?

For your mobile Industrial IoT applications, use GSM 3G sensor hubs with GPS sensors for your organization's industrial equipment assets, and environmental monitoring.


The video above shows you how to integrate your Yocto GSM hub with to map, graph, analyze, download, and forward your sensor data in real-time. 

Use these USB OTG cables to connect your sensors to your sensor hub.

Warning: although the 3 downstream ports hosting Yoctopuce devices use USB micro-B connectors, the YoctoHub-Ethernet uses a specific protocol simpler than USB to talk to the devices. Therefore it is not possible to use or even to power a regular (non-Yoctopuce) device using the YoctoHub-Ethernet. Also, it is not possible to use a regular USB hub on the downstream ports.

** Your enclosure boxes for these sensor hubs are available on this page.


Who uses remote monitoring to improve business operations?
How does your organization use these Industrial IoT applications?

Have a look at our Customer Stories to see how various industries use this here hardware and to do things like:

How do you, your teams, and your organization save time and money with remote monitoring and IoT?

Take a gander at our Web Dashboards for remotely monitoring Industrial IoT sensors.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch at if you've got any questions.

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