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Industrial IoT - Micro USB Host OTG Y-Cable with Micro USB Power Charging for Sony Phones & Tablets

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**Note: This cable is for Industrial IoT applications with Valarm Tools Cloud.

We recommend instead of telephones that you use dedicated sensor hubs for your Industrial IoT / remote monitoring / sensor telemetry applications like:

The sensor hubs are reliable, power-efficient, readily available, and flexible, and effective for your organization's Industrial IoT applications!

Have a look at our Customer Stories page for more on how these remote sensor monitoring and telemetry solutions are deployed in various industries like:

Also see how all of this works together on our Web Dashboards page for Telemetry & Remotely Monitoring Industrial IoT Sensors.

Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you've got any questions about remote monitoring - at


This cable lets you connect your Valarm Pro-equipped Android device to a USB sensor at the same time as charging with a charger.

The Y-cable has 3 ends:

  • Male micro USB end plugs into your device
  • Female full size USB end plugs into your sensor (or USB hub) with a USB cable
  • Female micro USB end takes in power (e.g., from the wall, solar panels, car cigarette lighter / accessory charger)

Tested with Sony Xperia U ST25a / ST25i, Xperia SP, Ion (LT28i), and Xperia Z SGP312 tablet. Should work with the rest of the OTG-capable Sony Xperia phones and tablets as well. However: THIS CABLE DOES NOT WORK WITH THE Z2 TABLET.

Note that this cable is intended for remote environmental monitoring with the Valarm Pro app. It requires a power source to work and it may not work with big hard drives.

Critical for long-term Valarm remote environmental monitoring deployments such as those done at La Brea tar pitsvineyards / agriculture, and Los Angeles Natural History Museum.


Also available: Micro USB Host OTG Y-Cable with Micro USB Power for Samsung Phones.

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