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Industrial IoT - Micro USB Host OTG Y-Cable with Micro USB Power Charging for Samsung Phones

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**Note: This cable is for Industrial IoT applications with

We recommend instead of telephones that you use dedicated sensor hubs for your Industrial IoT / remote monitoring / sensor telemetry applications like:

The sensor hubs are reliable, power-efficient, readily available, and flexible, and effective for your organization's Industrial IoT applications!

Have a look at our Customer Stories page for more on how these remote sensor monitoring and telemetry solutions are deployed in various industries like:

Also see how all of this works together on our Web Dashboards page for monitoring Industrial IoT sensors.

Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you've got any questions about remote monitoring, at



Our customers now use dedicated Industrial IoT sensor hubs for monitoring systems connected to Sensor hubs are more flexible, cost-effective, reliable, and power-efficient, in addition to other advantageous features that make sensor hubs superior to telephones. See the stories and info above to see how our customers around the world save their time and their money, along with lives, by integrating into businesses, government agencies, Smart Cities, and other organizations. 

Here's the old, historical text from our ancient cable -  We had a completely custom version of this cable manufactured just for us! We had to buy 50,000 custom resistors in order to have this cable manufactured. No other "Samsung compatible" OTG Y-cable currently available has been manufactured to this specification. You think the cable from Amazon or Newegg will work? Wrong. Ours is the only one that works, so save your money and get it here. Otherwise it won't work. :)

Customers all around the world have said this cable is amazing!

This cable lets you connect your Valarm Pro-equipped Android device to a USB Valarm Compatible Sensor at the same time as charging with a charger.

The Y-cable has 3 ends:

  • Male micro USB end (right-angle connector) plugs into your device
  • Female full size USB end plugs into your sensor (or USB hub) with a USB cable
  • Female micro USB end takes in power (e.g., from the wall, solar panels, car cigarette lighter / accessory charger)

Confirmed, Supported Devices:

  • Galaxy S3 (tested T999, GT-I9300)
  • Galaxy S4 (tested SHG-537)
  • Galaxy Note 2 (tested N7100)
  • Galaxy Note 3 (tested N900A)

* DOES NOT WORK WITH S2, S5, Note 1, Note 4, Tab 2 or Tab 3, nor any Note Tablets e.g. 8.0, Note 10.1, Note 10.1 2014!!! * We have never claimed this cable will work on these devices, and customers who tried anyway have reported that it DOES NOT. *

Note that this cable is intended for remote environmental monitoring with the Valarm Pro app. It requires a power source to work and it may not work with big hard drives.

Cables like this are critical for long-term Valarm remote environmental monitoring deployments such as those done at La Brea tar pits, vineyards / agriculture, and Los Angeles Natural History Museum.


You can also buy a 5-pack of Samsung OTG + Charging Y Cables with a discount.

Also available: Micro USB Host OTG Y-Cable with Micro USB Power for Sony Phones and Tablets .


Below is a shot of the latest version of this Samsung OTG+Charging cable in action with the Valarm Pro app. Notice the Valarm Y cable that is charging the Samsung Galaxy Note2 Android at the same as monitoring the environment with a volatile organic compounds (VOC) USB sensor.

Mobile, remote, rapidly deployable sensor + monitoring solution using Valarm Pro app on a Samsung Galaxy Note2 with this Y cable for charging+OTG USB Host Mode using environmental monitoring sensors (Note: only the Y cable is included with purchase :)

Mobile, remote, rapidly deployable sensor + monitoring solution using Valarm Pro app on a Samsung Galaxy Note2 with this Y cable for charging+OTG USB Host Mode using environmental monitoring sensors (Note: only the Y cable is included with purchase :)

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