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Yoctopuce Yocto - Thermocouple

  • 6400 monitors temperatures with this thermocouple temperature sensor.

You will connect these thermocouple sensors to GSM cell networks, ethernet sensor hub or wifi sensor hubs to remotely monitor your environment on

This Yocto - Thermocouple USB sensor connects to Valarm sensor hubs to measure ambient, surface, or fluid temperatures.

This device ships with two 50cm, type K, fine-wire, twisted-pair thermocouple cables, which can be used to measure temperatures between -75°C and 260°C (PFA isolated, measure point non-isolated). You can use a more sophisticated thermocouple to measure a wider range of temperatures.

A protective enclosure is available in a basic snap-together version, or a fancy screw-together version.

Also check out the Yocto-Temp, for measuring temperature in ambient air, and the Yocto-meteo, which adds humidity and barometer sensors.


* Enclosures and cables sold separately.

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