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Water Monitoring Systems with IoT Flow Meters + Water Level Sensors

Posted by Edward Pultar on

Monitoring water effectively is a critical need for hydro businesses.

Industrial IoT sensor devices give your organization simple, straightforward water monitoring systems that save your time and your money.

Our customers have continued deploying more hydro measuring systems that are monitored with and custom web dashboards.

In the images you're seeing how water treatment companies improve water efficiency with sensors from uploading sensor measurements to Valarm Tools Cloud software.

These systems integrate a variety of sensors with each sensor hub, like:

If you'd like to see the nitty gritty details on configuring your RS-485 Modbus sensor adapters with flow meters, have a gander at this article.

The water monitoring systems you see in the pictures are deployed around the USA. The real-time IoT water measurements are available on maps, graphs, and charts on

In this story you also see a custom web dashboard we developed with this customer. The dashboard includes water and weather variables, as well as other environmental factors like wet bulb.

IoT dashboards are configurable and give organizations an easy way to share data with clients.

Dashboards provide quick visuals for situational awareness that lets customers know in real-time just how much time and money they are saving. Whether your precious assets are water, fluids, pumps, industrial equipment, or anything else, being able to know what's going on remotely is quite valuable.

That's your overview of recent activities where our customers are installing additional water monitoring systems. Want to learn more? Have a look at our Customer Stories page for more articles on what Industrial IoT is up to today.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you've got any questions about monitoring water or anything else with Send us a note at and we'll help your organization effectively monitor your assets so you can save your time and your money.


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