Cart 0 Software Now Included With Your Sensor Hubs and Monitoring Kits

Posted by Edward Pultar on

Your lucky day has arrived for you, your teams, and your organization's Industrial IoT sensor monitoring needs.

You'll now receive credits included with your purchases of sensor hubs and kits.

After you've bought your hardware from, simply send me a message at with your account name and I'll add the credits to your Valarm Tools Cloud account.

This means you'll automatically have access to powerful Industrial IoT software for doing everything your organization needs to do with monitoring systems:

Whether you're using to monitor water, flood warning systems, wells, fluid levels, assets, equipment, or anything else - you, your teams, and your organization can effectively measure sensors made by any hardware manufacturer.

Our customer success stories provide you with info about various sensors our customers like to use, which are made by various companies. Customer favorites include sensors from Senix, Flowline, McCrometer, Seametrics, and Geokon.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch at if you've got any questions about monitoring what's valuable for your organization, with software.


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