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What can you, your teams, and your organization do with ?

The overview video above covers some Valarm Tools Cloud features that you'll probably find useful.

Valarm Tools Cloud helps you save your time and save your money by monitoring Industrial IoT sensors that measure and monitor various things like:

The video above details these Valarm Tools software features:

  • Sensor Alerting via SMS / Text Message or E-Mail
  • Volume Calculators for Tanks and Other Product Vessels
  • Aliases and Custom Naming of Sensor Column Fields
  • Integration with Esri
  • Linear Scalers for Converting Raw Sensor Measurements to Real World Units that Make Sense to You and Your Teams
  • 3D Mapping and Visualization with Earth Globes


With your sensor hubs and sensor adapters from, your organization will increase productivity and effectiveness while improving business operations by monitoring sensors made by any hardware manufacturer. In our experiences, our customers like to use industry standard, rugged, durable, and high quality sensor hardware made by companies like:


Please don't hesitate to get in touch at if you've got any questions about monitoring, Industrial IoT,, or anything else!

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