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News — Vibrating Wire

Levees and Water Monitoring with Transducers, Piezometers, Vibrating Wire Sensors, and Industrial IoT

Posted by Edward Pultar on

Remotely monitoring transducers, piezometers, & vibrating wire sensors? Levees, rivers, wells, & other water bodies with sensor telemetry save time + money for your organization.  You're seeing photos here of monitoring systems that are measuring Geokon piezometers / vibrating wires (VW). We put the Industrial in Industrial IoT. These piezometer sensors are useful for safety and monitoring levees / dikes, pressure, temperature, environmental health, and your community's safety. This project is a collaboration between various organizations like the government of California, Department of Water Resources (DWR), Wood Rodgers environmental engineering consultants, Teichert Construction, HDR, and Jensen Drilling Company. Some of the units are equipped with the Geokon...

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