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Noise Monitoring Systems - IoT Measuring Sound Sensors, Decibels, and Methane / CH4 Gas Air Quality

Posted by Edward Pultar on

How do you remotely monitor noise levels?

Noise monitoring systems are critical for Industrial IoT applications.
Measuring decibels with sensor telemetry is easier than you might think.
You're seeing images here of noise monitoring systems deployed near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Whether you need to monitor noise levels for the natural resources industry, residential areas, Smart Cities, oil & gas industry, urban or suburban noise monitoring, facilities, airports, or any other industry, you'll find these cost-effective, flexible noise monitoring systems are your best option.
These units measure a variety of sensors:
  • Sound Pressure Levels (SPL), acoustic pressure levels, and noise in decibels
  • Methane / CH4 Gas Air Quality
  • Noise Monitoring Industrial IoT Sensors DecibelsAmbient Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Rain is an open platform, so you can use sensors made by any hardware manufacturer.

These Industrial IoT systems deploy sensors made by companies like Clair Air Limited, Yoctopuce, and Hydreon.

The systems are solar powered and use key components from like:
  • milliVolt sensor adapters connected to noise sensor / SPL meters
  • milliVolt sensor adapters connected to Methane / CH4 air quality sensors
  • Meteo micro-weather stations
  • Knob switch counter sensor connected to rain sensors
  • 4-20 mA sensor adapters connected to wind speed and wind direction sensors
  • GSM 3G sensor hubs 

All of your sensor information is available in real-time on On Valarm Tools Cloud, you can map, graph, analyze, API forward, alert, and do any other business intelligence / analytics you need to do. We'll help you make sure that your remote monitoring systems improve your business operations, while saving your time, and your money.



Do you, your teams, and your organization need noise monitoring systems?
Please don't hesitate to Contact Us at and we'll help you deploy your most effective remote monitoring systems.

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