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Flood Warning Systems - Industrial IoT Sensors Monitor Water Levels

Posted by Edward Pultar on

Additional Flood Warning Systems have been deployed by Smart Cities and communities in the USA.

These monitoring systems upload water level sensor measurements to in real-time.

The flood monitoring systems you're seeing in the photos are deployed in Virginia, on the east coast of the U.S.


How do you provide power for Industrial IoT sensor devices like flood warning systems?

Solar panels provide power for these Industrial IoT devices.

The sun charges backup batteries during the day. Then during the night the batteries keep the system alive and reporting sensor data.


How do you monitor water levels with IoT sensors?

You've got options for level transmitters.

You, your teams, and your organization can choose the level sensors that are most appropriate for your deployment scenario, e.g., ultrasonic or guided wave radar.

We'll help you choose which software and hardware makes the most sense for your monitoring systems. Send us a message at, tell us about your remote monitoring needs, and we'll work with you.


What choices do You have for uploading IoT sensor information to the cloud? is an open, flexible platform, which means you can use sensor hardware made by any manufacturer, and your monitoring systems can upload sensor information via any internet connectivity, including but not limited to:




We're here and ready to help you, your teams, and your organization deploy your most effective monitoring systems.

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