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Flood monitoring systems, water level alerts, evacuation risks, & early warnings

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Flood Monitoring Systems

Remotely Monitoring Water Levels

How does YOU, your teams, and your organization use Industrial IoT sensors to know distant fluid and water levels? connects to your water sensors to give you real-time information and alerts about the environments you care about.

Your level monitoring systems use the sensor technologies most appropriate for your deployment locations.

All flavors of different sensor technologies are supported, like:

  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Pressure transducers or piezometers
  • Radar pulse sensors

Simply connect your sensors hubs and 4-20mA sensor adapters to industry standard sensors that monitor water levels. You can deploy these water monitoring Industrial IoT sensor kits at each of your deployment locations where you need water monitoring systems.

Our customers like to use water sensors made by Flowline, In-Situ, and Senix.

Since is an open Industrial IoT platform, you can use hardware made by any sensor manufacturer.

Take a gander at this story for more on how smart cities in Virginia, like Virginia Beach, use to remotely monitor water levels, flooding, tides, rain events, storm surges, and other environmental monitoring.


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