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Yoctopuce Yocto - CO2

  • 19100

This sensor makes for easy indoor (and outdoor) air quality monitoring with Valarm Tools Cloud!

You can use this sensor with a Valarm compatible sensor hub:

Your real-time sensor data is then available at Valarm Tools Cloud for mapping, graphing, data download, visualization, or via our APIs.

This CO2 sensor is part of a greenhouse hydroponics monitoring kit that comes with a sensor hub and humidity, light, temperature, and pressure sensors. Click here to get your greenhouse hydroponics monitoring kit!

The enclosure / box for this carbon dioxide / CO2 sensor is available here.

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Some common users of CO2:

Some common producers:

  • Brewery and winemaking operations are significant producers of CO2
  • Humans in poorly-ventilated enclosed spaces like boardrooms, classrooms, music practice rooms, recording booths, and small music or video editing studios

Monitoring CO2, whether you’re using it for agricultural or ornamental purposes, or producing it due to industrial or food production activities, greenhouses, or simply living and working in enclosed spaces of any kind – can be critical for human health, productivity, and creativity. Perhaps the most important info: late last year the highly respected Lawrence Berkeley Labs released a study that shows in frightening numbers just how negatively CO2 affects human mental performance! We’re talking about CO2 in a not-unusual boardroom, classroom, studio, or other enclosed space full of people.